Recording of Distortions

Yesterday, with the help of Kina Miyamoto and an array of wires and microphones, we recorded Distortions.  The original group of players who’d first performed it were all present, but there was only one hour in which to get it done.  Time was tight, and there was no possibility of any extra time at the end.  Fortunately the group managed to do more than one take of most of the sections of the piece, and there weren’t too many difficulties, except perhaps for Harriet’s beads getting stuck at the wrong end of the rain stick!  Afterwards I listened back to the different takes with Kina in the studio, and made a few editing decisions.

Not long after that, I had to rehearse the same piece from scratch with a completely different group of players who are performing it in the Weston Gallery at RWCMD next Tues evening (24th 7.30pm).  It was necessary for me to conduct the piece, and I may well do so for the concert.  In the absence of a cellist at the rehearsal, Charlie Jackson, who’s organising the concert, found himself playing the cello part on the piano.  Thanks to that we were able to rehearse all the parts, and begin to get things together before the final run-throughs.