Distortions Receives Marvellous First Performance

Distortions was well received after its first performance last Thurs (5th Feb) at Chapter Arts Centre, in the gallery containing Karen Mirza & Brad Butler’s video work The Unreliable Narrator.  It was extremely rewarding to hear the piece played so well, and to be able to hear it in situ, surrounded by the powerful artwork that inspired it.  The performers were Sam Baxter (oboe), Darius Gray (clarinet/bass clarinet), Beatrice Newman (cello) and Harriet Riley (percussion).  Each did an excellent job, and I’m looking  forward to them making a studio recording of the piece.

Premier of Distortions

This Thurs (5th Feb) my piece Distortions will be performed at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.  The work is a response to a video installation by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler entitled The Unreliable Narrator, which features in the Artes Mundi 6 exhibition.

The duo’s artwork deals with the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks which lasted for four days and left the city scarred.  Mirza and Butler compiled CCTV footage, recordings of terrorist phone calls, video of the terrorists interrogation, and scenes from a Bollywood film based on the events which took place.  Over the top sounds the voice of a female narrator.  The work highlights the ways in which a tragic event can become a media circus, leaving people in doubt as to which version of events to believe, and giving rise to the question of who is in control:  The terrorists or the media.

Distortions is scored for a quartet of oboe, clarinet doubling bass clarinet, cello and percussion.